Jean Soyer (b.1937)

Jean Soyer is a contemporary artist who lives and works just outside Paris. Influenced by Abstract Expressionism, the artist cites New York School artist Franz Kline as a major influence on his dynamic but sensual canvases. His powerful use of colour is charged with emotion and harmony, the rich application of paint being achieved with the use of palette knife and spatula.

Jean Soyer exhibits in Paris and throughout France, as well as China, Japan, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Jean Soyer - portrait

Jean Soyer, 'Ballet des énergies'

Ballet des énergies
Oil on Canvas:120 x 120 cm
Signed & Dated “09.11”

Soyer, Rêve en Bleu, Acrylic on paper laid down on panel

Rêve en Bleu
Oil on Canvas:120 x 120 cm
Signed & Dated “09.11”

Jean Soyer, 'Le Lagon Bleu'

Le Lagon Bleu
Oil on Canvas:100 x 81 cm

Jean Soyer’s paintings have most recently been displayed on the set of the popular French television talk show Thé ou Café, hosted by Catherine Ceylac. His works were included in the episode of Sunday 22nd February 2015, in which the host interviewed the famous French Canadian actress Alexandra Stewart (pictured right).

To view the episode and see more of Jean Soyer’s paintings in situ please click here.