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John Adams Fine Art eCatalogue Contemporary Art 2020

eCATALOGUE Contemporary Art 2020

We are pleased to present a Summer E-Catalogue of Contemporary Paintings and Sculpture. These artworks are all defined and informed by an imaginative exploration of line, form and colour. Rino Valido, Edouard Hervé, Frédéric de Luca and Roberto Talignani are exclusively represented by John Adams Fine Art in the UK.

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John Adams Fine Art eCatalogue Summer 2020


We are very pleased to present a new collection of artworks. The illustrated paintings span a period in the Twentieth Century that embraced and combined both figurative and abstract styles.

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Brian Davies Catalogue


Memorial Exhibition (April 2015)

To celebrate the life and work of internationally renowned British artist Brian Davies, John Adams Fine Art held a memorial exhibition in April 2015. The show exhibited artworks from the duration of Davies’ artistic career which was inspired by the seventeenth century tradition of Dutch still life or nature morte. 

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Brian Davies Memorial Exhibition Catalogue

Othello Radou, An Essay on Painting

An Essay on Painting by Othello Radou

“my greatest aim …was to enhance the shapes to the point of releasing a graceful rhythm” – Othello Radou

Othello Radou explains in this essay his thoughts and reflections on art and painting, and discusses the strong relationship between music and his work. This short essay is a guide to the artwork of Othello Radou.

Request Radou Essay (£3.50 inc. p+p)

Request Radou Essay

Request Radou Essay (£3.50 incl. p+p)

Othello Radou, The artist's collection


The artist’s collection (2013)

We introduced the French abstract artist Othello Radou to a UK audience with a series of very successful exhibitions in 2008 and 2010. Now we are very pleased to announce that the family of the artist has decided to release for sale the very last collection of paintings that up until now have remained in their collection.

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Othello Radou, Harmonies


Harmonies (2012)

A selection of works on paper by Othello Radou. Following our 2008 sell-out exhibition Geometric Abstraction and the subsequent 2010 Themes and Melodies exhibition of oils by Othello Radou we are now delighted to release for sale a small collection of fine drawings.

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Othello Radou, Themes and Melodies


Themes and Melodies: The achievement of la grandeur’. Paintings 1960 – 1980 (2010)

Following the great success of our first exhibition of this artist’s work in 2008, Othello Radou – Geometric Abstraction, covering the paintings he created in the 1940s and 1950s, we are proud to introduce for the first time to the public his last canvases: painted during the period 1960 – 1980.

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Othello Radou, Geometric Abstraction


Geometric Abstraction (2008)

John Adams Fine Art is proud to introduce this eloquent series of paintings by the late Parisian artist Othello Radou. In his mid 20th Century heyday, Radou’s work drew great acclaim.

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French Impressions Catalogue

French Impressions (2012)

A Selection of 20th Century Paintings from France.

The catalogue of our 2012 Spring Exhibition featuring paintings by André Brasilier, Jean Chevolleau, André Dignimont, Frederick Gore RA, Maxime Maufra, Marcel Mouly, Max Papart, André Planson, Othello Radou, Claude Venard…

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