Max Papart (1911 – 1994)

Max Papart was a painter and printmaker. He was born in Marseille in 1911, and after a short period of study at the École des Beaux Arts in Marseille, travelled to Paris in 1938, where he learned the technique of classic engraving.

He exhibited for the first time at the Salon des Indépendants in Paris, and between 1945 and 1950, exhibited throughout the South of France. He had one-man exhibitions in Paris in 1953, 1960, 1965, and 1967, and participated in many group exhibitions throughout his life.

During the 1950s Max Papart worked in a decorative post-cubist style, yet one which contained an element of realism. Later he moved away from this towards abstraction. It has been said that Max Papart does not “paint”, he “composes”, his images come together in a symphony of line, shape, and colour, and he himself compared the process of painting to that of music, requiring balance, form, structure, and harmony.

Max Papart is equally known for his paintings, prints, and collages, as well as many book illustrations. He died in 1994.

Max Papart 'Violon a Sienne'

Max Papart’s paintings can be found in many museums worldwide:
Musee d’Art Moderne – Paris
Maeght – St Paul de Vence
Museum of Modern Art – Miami
Museum of Art – Indianapolis
Museum of Art – San Diego
Israel Museum – Jerusalem

Phoenix Art Museum – Arizona
Museum of Art – Indianapolis
Museum of Art – New Orleans
Museum of Art – San Diego
Museum of Art – Fort Lauderdale
Museum of Menton

Max Papart, 'Jazz in Red'

Jazz in Red
Mixed Media: 66 x 50 cm


Max Papart 'Violon a Sienne'

Violon à Sienne
Oil on canvas: 66 x 82 cm
Signed & Dated ’55, titled verso

Max Papart, 'Musiciens'

Oil on Canvas: 61 x 91 cm

Max Papart, 'Personnages'

Oil on Panel: 33 x 21 cm
Signed & dated 1958

Max Papart, 'Esquisse pour le Portrait de Gilbert Pètridés', oil on canvas

Esquisse pour le Portrait de Gilbert Pètridés
Oil on canvas: 55 x 46 cm
Signed & Dated 56 – 62

Max Papart, 'Guitarre'

La Guitarre
Oil on Canvas: 16 x 24 cm
Signed & Dated ’56


Max Papart, 'Olympia'

Oil on Canvas 80 x 100 cm


Mac Papart, 'Portrait of Petrides'

Portrait de Gilbert Pètridés
Oil on canvas 81 x 66 cm
Signed & Dated ’56


Max Papart, 'Les Poissons'

Les Poissons
Oil on Canvas: 50 x 100 cm
Signed & Dated 11.56

Max Papart, 'Nu Assis au deux Oisseaux'

Nu Assis aux deux Oiseaux
Drawing & Collage on Paper:
49 x 65 cm
Signed & Dated ’57