Louis de Grandmaison (b.1927)

Louis de Grandmaison was born in Le Havre in the Seine-Maritime region of France in 1927. He studied in Paris with the artist André Lhote and has exhibited mainly in France throughout his career, but has also participated in shows in the USA.

“Louis de Grandmaison is endeavouring in his art to make sense of man’s universal experience of the world, both physically and emotionally; the images and feelings which exist in each and every one of us. This is why his paintings have such strength and resonance.”
Jean Marcenac 2010.

“Louis de Grandmaison uses paint and colour to create shapes, dimensions, form and depth. He has always chosen to work independently, pursuing his solitary and unique vision, creating order from chaos. Each painting is like an ethereal monument, a mental and physical fable.”
Ernest Pignon-Ernest 2010

Louis de Grandmaison, 'Composition'

Louis de Grandmaison, 'Composition'

Oil on Canvas: 73 x 60 cm