Giuseppe Carelli (1858 – 1921)

Giuseppe Carelli was born in Naples in 1858 into a family of Neapolitan artists: his grandfather Raffaelle Carelli (1795 – 1864 ), father Consalvo Carelli (1818 – 1900), and uncles Gabriele and Archille Carelli were all successful artists belonging to the School of Posilipo.  This large group of artists were influenced by the beauty of Naples and surrounding coastline and villages, producing lyrical landscapes, in both oils and watercolours.  William Turner, who visited Naples on several occasions between 1819 and 1828, was said to be influenced by their treatment of the strong southern light, as was Camille Corot.

Giuseppe Carelli was initially taught by his father Consalvo, and by the age of eighteen he had graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples, where he studied with Joseph Mancinelli and Vincenzo Marinelli.  He then continued his studies in Rome, gaining access to the Vatican to enable detailed and lengthy contemplation of the Old Masters, and their techniques.

On his return to Naples he devoted his working life to painting landscapes, both lyrical and romantic in style, in the tradition of the Carelli Family.  His paintings can be found in several important Italian collections.

Giuseppe Carelli died in 1921.

Giuseppe Carelli, 'On the Italian Coast'

Giuseppe Carelli, 'On the Italian Coast'

On the Italian Coast
Oil on panel: 25 x 40 cm

Giuseppe Carelli, 'Marina'

Oil on panel: 32 x 49 cm
Signed & inscribed ‘Napoli’