Georges Bescond (b. 1938)

Georges Bescond was born in Landéda in the Finistère region of Brittany, France, in 1938. He has lived, worked and exhibited in Brittany all his life, working currently from his studio in Brest.

“The profession of an artist is an ambitious one because, beyond the representation of the real, the quest for beauty remains his major preoccupation, although some believe this is no longer relevant.

Thus Mondrian brought religious art closer to mankind’s attempt to escape from his condition and to ‘link’ him to his Creator.

More modestly, the incessant search for the artist is an exploration that aims to discover a glimpse of the beauty of a hidden world beyond appearances, and that is why his ambition remains insatiable.” – Georges Bescond.

“What interests me about Bescond is that he has an artistic approach, that he has the courage to leave everything to live only for his painting. His paintings are joyful, tender. He is able to make amazing and masterful colour alliances”. Quote by the art critic Guy Chuitton writing about Georges Bescond’s one man exhibition Mer, Terre, et Ciel.

Grand Prix de Peinture du Léon   1987
First Prize Groupement Artistique – Fougere, 1987
First Prize Watercolour – Roscoff, 1990
First Prize Painting – Bénodet, 1993
First Prize Painting – Salon d’Iroise, 1994
First Prize Painting – Salon du Tonnerre de Brest, 1999
First Prize Painting – Salon du Tonnerre de Brest, 2004

Georges Bescond, Arborescence au croissant de lune

Georges Bescond, Arborescence au croissant de lune

Arborescence au croissant de lune
Acrylic on canvas: 92 x 73 cm