Alain Fournier (1931 – 1983)

Born in 1931 in Coutances, Alain Fournier established himself as an artist at a young age. At 17 he was admitted to the Salon de la Marine and at 18 he first exhibited in Coutances in 1949.

Fournier studied at the School of Applied Arts and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris where he was taught by Maurice Brianchon and Edward Goerg.

He won the Second Grand Prix de Rome in 1957.

He exhibited frequently at Galerie Paris Dauphine and participated in the Salon d’Automne and the Salon des Artistes where he was awarded the Gold Medal in 1980.

Alain Fournier 'Bouquet sur une Table'

Alain Fournier 'Bouquet sur une Table'

Bouquet sur une Table
Oil on Canvas: 92 x 73 cm