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Paul Albert Laurens, Les Fluers Devant La Maison

Les fleurs devant la maison
Oil on canvas: 46 x 55 cm
Framed size: 76 x 85 cm
Signed, Paul Albert Laurens


Paul Albert Laurens

Les fluers devant la maison

Paul Albert Laurens was the eldest son of the artist Jean Paul Laurens (1838 – 1921).

Born in Paris in 1870 he attended the École Alsacienne in the 6th arrondissement of Paris where he met his lifelong friend, author and Nobel prize winner André Gide. Their ‘Correspondence 1891-1934’ reveals that Gide regarded the Laurens family as his ‘second’ family.

Paul Albert Laurens commenced studying art at the newly opened Académie Julien with his brother in 1890. By 1891 he was a member of the Salon des Artistes Français and continued to exhibit there regularly until 1929.

After travelling for a nearly a year between 1893-4 in Tunisia, Algeria and Italy with Andre Gide, he returned to Paris, to his studio on Boulevard du Montparnasse. In 1912, the Municipality of Toulouse commissioned him and his father to decorate the Capitole, part of the administrative offices of the city of Toulouse.

During World War One, he was one of a large group of artists working for the newly set up ‘Camouflage Unit’ for the French Army under the direction of artist Lucien-Victor Guirand de Scévola.

From 1919 to 1934 he was the Professor of Drawing at the prestigious ‘grande école’, École Polytechnique in Paris and also worked as a tutor at the Académie Julien.

In 1933 he was elected a member of the French Academy of Fine Arts.

Paul Albert Laurens died in Toulouse in 1934.


Public Collections:

Musée National des Beaux Arts de Quebec

Musée des Beaux arts, Dijon
Académie des Sciences, Paris
Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
Petit Palais, Paris
Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Paul Albert Laurens
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