25th Anniversary Exhibition

Tuesday 10th November – Wednesday 23rd December

We are delighted to have spent 25 years at our current location in Ebury Street. Much has changed over the years but essentially the area retains its village atmosphere with unique and original shops and galleries. One charming addition during that period is the placing of a statue of Mozart as a child opposite the Gallery to commemorate his stay with his family nearby during 1764 – 65.

In 1990 our first exhibition was dedicated to Women in Art and we specialised in those days in late 18th Century and 19th Century paintings. Over the years we have received diverse celebrities at John Adams Fine Art, from the Queen to many actors, actresses, entertainers and politicians. We have had various successful contemporary exhibitions as well, with artists representing a full spectrum of ideas and artistic vision, which in many ways has reflected the evolution of taste and design. As many of our faithful clients will know we have been specialising in 20th Century French art for the last decade which has happily meant that frequent trips to Paris were necessary. We were fortunate to discover the work of Othello Radou (1910 – 2006) on one of these visits in 2006, and have exclusively represented the Artist’s Estate since 2008. A few years later we similarly discovered the idiosyncratic abstract paintings of Denise Mannoni (1918 – 2003), and now solely represent her Estate. The Gallery also displays artworks by other prominent French artists such as Claude Venard, Jean Hugo and André Brasilier.

Our first twenty five years at Ebury Street have been one long adventure of discovery, fun and hard work, in a rapidly changing art market and world, and we cannot imagine another occupation which would provide beauty, knowledge and constant challenges, that owning and running an art gallery provides.

We hope you will enjoy the 25th Anniversary Exhibition which opens on 10th November and runs until 23th December 2015.

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