Pierre Cornu (1895 – 1996)

Pierre Cornu, 'Vitrolles'

Oil on panel: 33 x 45 cm
Signed; Dated 1937 verso


Pierre Cornu


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Pierre Cornu was born in Salon-de-Provence France, in 1895, into a prosperous merchant family. His love of colour and drawing were quickly apparent, and he dedicated his entire life to painting the subjects that inspired him.

Apart from a short spell living in Morocco, he spent his whole life in Provence, settling permanently in Aix-en-Provence. He appreciated all forms of beauty, the light and colours of the surrounding landscape and sea, studies of the female form, most usually reading, or at rest, and still lifes of exotic flowers grown in the area.

During his very long career he exhibited at major Paris Salons, Parisian galleries, in Marseille, and throughout Provence.

Pierre Cornu died in 1996 at the age of 100.

Pierre Cornu, 'Vitrolles'